Lor Fjerkenstad - MA, MFT, Somatic Psychotherapist & Yogi, MA, MFT, Somatic Psychotherapist & Yogi

"I bought some Biozome a year ago in Bali and thought it was probably just another nice face spray until people started mentioned how radiant my skin looked and then I noticed photos of myself before and after. Wow! Dramatic how much it transformed my skin. Thank you Jane. Amazing product with amazing results. It comes with me in all my travels and I use it daily. Satisfied client 1 year later... I received two precious bottles of Biozome from Noelle some time ago. I brought them to India and Thailand and soooo saved my skin. Just bought some more here on Bali. So thank you, thank you and thank you again for the generous sharing of the Biozome. It continues to feed and nourish my skin every day. Usually I am a highly critical read "picky" consumer and can always find fault or something that is "off" and people appreciate my feedback in their organizations etc. but I have to say.... i have nothing but praise for the Biozome. The packaging is super, and most importantly, IT WORKS. Like I said before, rare, in the skin care world to follow through."

Jane Walters - Documentary Film Maker

"I at first got 2 bottles at a Diva luncheon and I gave 1 to my friend. I love it, I love it! My skin is fresher and feels like silk…. Using it makes me feel fresh, revitalized and beautiful."

Christina Iskandar - Design Dope PR and Marketing Director

"I have been using BIOZOME for 2 years now & swear by it. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh, I often get asked what beauty products I use, I only use BIOZOME morning & evening, I think its the best friend a girl can have."

Jo Netherwood - Managing Director Oazia

"Ever since Jane introduced me to Biozome I have seen the most amazing results. I have spent much of my younger years in tropical climates and never really worried about my skin. Using Biozome morning and night has had a dramatic effect. No more freckles or sunspots on my face or on the back of my hands! I use Biozome morning and night and even keep a bottle in the refrigerator for whenever my skin needs a refreshing moisture boost. I cannot recommend Biozome highly enough."

William Melody - Actor

"From the first time I used it the wrinkles around my eyes went down immediately. The next day the effect was even more! Biozome...I just have to have it, I never let it run out!"

Dedi Gunawan - Invisalign Distributor for Indonesia and Vietnam

"I've been flying a lot lately, which is usually hard on my skin because of the dry air. Biozome has really been effective in rejuvenating my skin. On a few flights, I've even shared it with fellow passengers. I really love it and I always carry it in my bag. "

Sophie Digby - The Yak Magazine

"Biozome has been a total saviour - on short trips, especially on long flights and it's always on my washbasin... a fabulous oil free moisturizer that is ideal for the tropics. Totally recommended. "

Marie Manik - Esthetician- Salon Owner

"I think Biozome is excellent. The product actually delivers what it said it would! It's been a very easy product for me to sell in my salon. People have commented on my skin being tighter especially around my cheekbones. Biozome hydrates my skin at night in the dry air-conditioning. My plastic surgeon even commented on my skin looking so good, he asked me what I'm using!"

Skye Sinclair - Real Estate Developer

"Being an ex stunt woman from Hollywood and not really into these girly girls products I'm blown away. After a couple of weeks I look fresher and younger... I'm addicted to it and all my friends have noticed I look younger. I use it regularly now and love it. I spray when I'm out driving in the car to feel fresh...

Barbie Baker - Salon Owner and Stylist

"Biozome is fantastic I noticed the difference straight away especially around the eyes, my pores got smaller and my skin had more moisture."

Mignon Blake - Teacher

"After using Biozome for 2.5 months a friend asked me what I had done to look younger. I told her I've been using Biozome twice a day. She said I look amazing…"

Muffy - Owner and Esthetician of La Beauté

"People noticed a change when I started using Biozome and said my skin looks fresh! Its sells continuously in my beauty salon and I have repeat customers that are getting great results and keep coming back regularly to buy more. "

Zoe Watson - Owner Bliss Sanctuary for Women -Bali #1 Trip Advisor Speciality Lodging

"I'm so glad I found Biozome. It's amazing as my skin keeps getting dry and that's the only thing that settles it nicely. I will definitely buy it again."

Stephanie Price - CEO

"I looked younger within 3 weeks, my skin surface rejuvenated appearing smoother and wrinkles diminished. Friends were asking me what I had done!"